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Protect Your Earnings by Updating Payment Details

To comply with new regulations, we are required to make changes to our data collection process. ❓❔Do these changes affect me? These changes will only affect you if you are a resident of the European Union. The update specifically applies to all payment methods used by studio and individual models based in the EU, in accordance with the DAC7 directive. For those residing outside the EU, the new data collection process will come into effect when updating payment details in the future. ❓❔ What will be different? Starting February 15th, we will reset the current payment settings on the platform. When you update your payment details, you will be prompted to provide additional information. Please be assured that your personal information will remain strictly confidential and will only be used as required by law. ❓❔ Why does the platform need more of my data? Recent legislation has introduced new requirements for data management that we must adhere to. By aligning with these new laws, we are ensuring that your data is handled responsibly and with the highest level of care. ❓❔ What do I need to do? Please be prepared to refresh your payment settings from February 15th. Taking a few minutes to update your information will greatly enhance security and reliability for the long term. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for being a valued member of our community. ♥♥♥♥

Earn Extra — Feature in Special V-Day Streams!

Get ready to spread the love and earn some extra cash this Valentine's Day! You're invited to be a part of our super special V-Day streaming extravaganza, where we'll be celebrating all things romantic. 💝 To snag a VIP spot in our "Valentine's Day" stream category, here's what you need to do: 1⃣ Spruce up your space. Transform your room into a love nest! Think heart-shaped decorations, scattered rose petals, twinkling candles, and a sprinkle of magic to set that romantic mood. 2⃣ Create a 30-second teaser video and upload it to your Streams Specifics in the Broadcast Centre, choosing the "Valentine's Day" category. 3⃣ Wait for the notification that you're verified and get ready to go live when the time comes (make sure to select the "Valentine's Day" category). 💗 Our Valentine's Day special streams will be live from February 13 at 12:00 UTC until February 16 at 00:01 UTC, and during that time, you can stream as much as your heart desires. 💗 We can't wait to see you shine and make this Valentine's Day unforgettable for your viewers! Let's spread some love and have a blast! 💘

Earn money easily with updated BDSM category

Safe, sensible, consensual and profitable BDSM is your thing? 🖤 Welcome to our updated BDSM category. 🖤 What you can expect from the new BDSM category: 💲 More views and tokens. Fetish camming brings a lot of regular income. 👯♀ Customized traffic and streams. Your hot shows with ropes, straps and leather are now even better adapted to your specific audience. 🖤 Models who are currently streaming BDSM 🖤 ‼Please note that you have to reapply for the category.‼ 🧐 Be prepared for the new rules! Re-upload your verification video under BDSM before the rules are updated on February 12, 2024. Then you can get started as soon as the new rules come into force. [] 🤗 Don't miss out on this opportunity Connect even more intensively with your audience and earn more money. 😈 Apply for admission to the BDSM category via Stream Specifics today and make your content even hotter. [] 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 But please remember to follow our rules, because we don't support unsafe activities in our shows. []

More Chances to Get Discovered by Users!

Hey there! Get ready to be discovered by users through the awesome new Discover tab in their feed! 😍 🤩 With this cool feature, users can easily find popular models and trending posts, including your juicy photos, videos, and albums all in one place. They can even add you as their favorites! 🤑 This means more traffic for you, more fans, and potentially more income! So, don't miss out—keep uploading free content on your feed regularly!

Delete Private Messages for You & Your Fans

🎉 The rules of the game are changing: you can now delete your individual messages sent in Private chats. ✅ If you change your mind about something you've texted, you now have the possibility to right this wrong. ✅ When you're exchanging Private messages with a fan, you can click/tap the three vertical dots next to your message you want gone and delete it completely. ✅ Any time you delete a message, it gets deleted for both you and the fan you're chatting with. Naturally, you can't delete your fans' messages in this case. 👉 By the way, they can now delete their own messages as well, so don't be surprised if bits of your conversations go missing. Hope you find this higher level of control over your conversations helpful ❤

Join Xmas Shows to Feature in Our "Specials"

Join our Christmas streams to get a spot in "Specials" to target more traffic and drive extra tokens your way. ☃ Pull out your best Christmas outfit and prepare your room accordingly to deliver the perfect Christmas live show users would love to see. 🎄 Our exclusive Christmas category will be live under "Specials" from December 22 at 12.00 Midday UTC until January 2 at 00.01 UTC. ❄ Apply now to participate and get featured in special streams. All you need to do is choose "Christmas" in your Stream Specifics and upload your sample video. Visit our FAQ for detailed instructions and Christmas inspiration: ☃🎄❄☃🎄❄☃🎄❄☃🎄❄

Earn by Keeping Clothes ON in Public

👗 Flirting Mode was created for performers who like to chat first and get into sexy stuff—optionally or not. This mode enhances the experience of our current non-nude models. This feature may not suit everyone and doesn't necessarily guarantee increased earnings. However, we believe it holds great promise for those who want to perform non-nude. 💁♀ If you want to feature in regions with age verification and be visible to everyone, consider switching to Flirting Mode. ⚖ As you've probably already heard, the law in some regions now demands that viewers provide their ID or other proof of their age before letting them see adult content. In such regions, we can only show non-nude content before the viewer confirms their age. ⛔ With Flirting Mode enabled, you can interact with viewers in public shows without performing 18+ activities. 💋 Feature in the special Flirting category, tease and engage viewers without having to undress or do anything explicit. Go to "My Profile" > "Flirting Mode" to turn it on. All the hot 18+ content can be performed in: 1⃣ Private shows (including Group and Ticket shows) 2⃣ Spying 3⃣ Private messages 4⃣ Photos, videos, and custom panels in your profile Please read more about Flirting Mode if you're interested in discovering new ways to earn money:

Add Reactions, Games to Ticket/Group Shows

You can have reactions, polls, and games like Wheel of Fortune or Battleship to your Ticket and Group shows. Aww yeah! If your viewers needed more reasons to attend your shows, now they have them! If you've enabled certain extensions for your public shows, they automatically appear in your Ticket and Group shows. This means more activity in your room at all times and, potentially, more tokens! REMINDER To install extensions: 1. Go to Broadcast Center > click Set Up Broadcast 2. Go to the Extensions tab > choose an extension 3. Click the extension and follow the setup procedure

Updated Ticket/Group Show Notice Times

Announce a Ticket or Group show up to 15 minutes in advance now! A 5-minute notice is no longer your only option 😮 If you want to build up anticipation for your grand show a little more, you can take a little longer to start it. Let the audience savor the sweet-sweet time before the show a bit longer. Now, when setting up a Ticket or Group show, you have the option to choose when you want to begin: ⌚ Right away ⌚ In 5 minutes ⌚ In 10 minutes ⌚ In 15 minutes Try different tactics and see which approach lands you the most viewers. But remember the most important thing: give it your all and have fun! 🥳

Boost Profile’s Visibility by Uploading Video Teaser

Want to stand out even more? Add a new non-nude video preview to be used in regions with age verification to attract users to your profile. Don’t miss this chance to show the world what you’ve got. With the video teaser uploaded, we'll have more opportunities to attract traffic to your account. The previews are used in regions with age verification to attract users to your profile. A video teaser is a short (up to 1 min) non-nude video of you that appears in your profile. To upload a video teaser, go to your broadcasting page, My details > Previews. You will see a new video teaser preview near the cover image. After checking that it complies with our rules, the teaser will be visible to all!

Grow Your Fan Club with Private Show Discounts

Attract more viewers to your Fan Club by offering discounts on Private and Exclusive Private shows. There are 2 new Fan Club benefits you can offer: Private show discounts and Exclusive Private discounts. To set these discounts, you need to enable Private and Exclusive Private shows first. What you need to remember about these discounts: 1. You choose whether to offer discounts for Soldiers, Lords, or Princes. 2. Discounts for each tier can be different. 3. Discounts on Private and Exclusive Private shows can be different. 4. You can update or turn the discounts off only once in 7 days. 5. If you update the discounts, they will apply to all current Fan Club members. Be careful when turning off or reducing your existing discounts: it may upset your current Fan Club members and prompt them to leave. Show them love to receive love from them ❤