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Introducing X as a Potential Solution


X has recently announced its creator ad revenue share program that is now available to all creators worldwide. This program has already provided some big early payouts, making it an attractive solution for OnlyFans creators looking to promote their account and boost their following.


To qualify for this program, creators need to have a generally high engagement rate and have a Stripe account. Additionally, creators need to reach at least $50 in cumulative ad revenue share payment and adhere to all of X’s regular rules and guidelines.


The current qualifications for X’s ad revenue share program are:

  • Be subscribed to Blue or Verified Organizations
  • Have at least 15M impressions on your cumulative posts within the last 3 months
  • Have at least 500 followers

Excitingly, even Elon Musk has shown interest in this program and has vowed to expand the program to include ad exposure on user profiles. The X team is also working to make this program a sustainable revenue stream for creators, making it a long-term solution for those looking to grow their OnlyFans account.


With X’s creator ad revenue share program, creators have a new and potentially lucrative way to promote their OnlyFans and engage with their followers. Stay tuned for more updates as this program continues to evolve.




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Stripe prohibits adult transactions. Their terms of service is very clear about that. Unless they find an adult payment processor there is no way I can see to actually get paid.
(Plus unfortunately most advertisers don't want their products associated with any adult performer).

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