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TikTok’s algorithm propels random people to stardom

Even girls that didn’t start off with wanting to do OnlyFans when they made their TikTok, end up creating an account. On TikTok they get so many comments, and when they know they can make a lot of money, OnlyFans seems to be the way to go.

TikTok videos typically involve girls bouncing around, while overlaid text encourages viewers to find fun and happiness. Rather than OnlyFans, TikTok stars often think of using Patreon to make money because they don't have an OnlyFans account and they don't consider themselves OnlyFans creators, but this is not always the case.

Moderation is particularly crucial for TikTok because it is established as a well-known "kids app". It’s massively popular with teens and young adults. More than a quarter of users are under 18, according to data from last year. Having sex workers promote their content directly to every teen’s phone might alarm parents or regulators. Still, the OnlyFans connection is an open secret that’s well-documented online.

TikTok can drive success for creators who started on OnlyFans, too. Jenna Phillips says her OnlyFans account barely grew during her first year, until she went viral on TikTok. Phillips roleplays as a puppy, posting videos of herself being scolded or sent into a cage because she apparently peed on the floor. Her first viral video involved her lapping water out of a bowl. It gained over a million views before being deleted. (She only fully transitioned both her TikTok and OnlyFans to puppy content after she found success.)

She now says she makes six figures a month and runs the pages full-time. TikTok might not want sex workers advertising OnlyFans, but they will never be able to stop them. Its software is a powerful discovery and marketing tool, regardless of the content people promote. The company just needs to stop being in denial about who can find an audience.

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Im planning to enter Tiktok to the fullest and hopefully to get as much as i can from it 🙊

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